May 8/9/10 at Peterborough Theatre Guild. Door/Bar opens 7:30pm. Show start 8pm.

Tix $10

The image – History Channel did an episode on death masks. This one is being disputed: did it belong to William Shakespeare?

In Shakespeare vs The Merchants of Venom, Will, the clever boy that he is, has made a deal with Charon, to come up with an original thought. If he doesn’t, the rest of his death will be spent entertaining newly-dead Lovers of the Theatre. Trouble is, it’s been almost 400 years, and Will’s Devil is getting a little pissed off with this arrogant, supercilious, egotist. Can Will do the deed, avoid meeting his maker, and get back to the Earthly realm to live another life of greatness?

in 2005 I submitted SvsMoV (as I shortform refer to it) to the Canadian National 1-Act Playwriting Competition, run annually by Ottawa Little Theatre, and was awarded 3rd place (out of 165 scripts – not too shabby if I do say so myself). Considering the inception started while attending theatre school in Nelson BC at David Thompson University Centre, waaaaaayyyyy back in 1982, I’d say it’s about fraking time! Several other production attempts were aborted for different reasons over the years. Ah, DIY theatre, what a treat.

I’m now 7 years older than Shakespeare was when he died, in his 53rd year, in 1616. When first writing this play I had starry-eyed visions of this being my signature piece, and performing it well into my dotage – or at least until I was 55! Let this be a warning to writer/actors… take a good hard look at what you want to perform, because what seems physically easy at 30 years of age might not seem so when 60. Oh, my aching knees!


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