Show Dates and Times!

Last week we received our show dates and times from the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival. All shows are at The Al Green Theatre, located at 750 Spadina Rd, Toronto, in the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre. Tickets are available from the Fringe Box Office ONLY, and not the venue. I’ll post ticket information by June 8. If you’re coming to the show, let us know ahead of time so we can meet up after and socialize!

And don’t forget to share out our Fund What You Can campaign. Take a look at

Here’s our dates and times:

  • Wednesday, July 5, 6:30pm
  • Friday, July 7, 8:15pm
  • Saturday, July 8, 1:45pm
  • Monday, July 10, 10:15pm
  • Wednesday, July 12, 5:15pm
  • Friday, July 14, 12:30pm
  • Sunday, July 16, 1:45pm

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