Call for actor submissions!


17 Syllables Theatre Company requests submissions from actors for the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival production of Algonquin Highway, written and directed by Wyatt Lamoureux.

Synopsis: Close childhood friends, Alex and Nic, haven’t seen or heard from each other in five years. One fall day, out of the blue, Nic calls, so Alex drives from Toronto to pick up Nic at the Ottawa airport. After a flat tire leaves them stranded on a backroad in Algonquin Park they have no choice but to talk to each other about their hurts and recent traumas, their past together and apart, and what’s happened in the time since Nic left as she and returned as he. Not the reunion Alex was expecting. Will it be the strength of their old relationship or these new changes that determines the survival of their friendship, and begins the healing for them both?

Auditions will be held in Toronto, Saturday, March 25, 2017, from 12noon to 3pm (subject to change). Audition venue tbd.


  1. Alex – late-20s, indigenous, female, lesbian. Raised in the big city, Alex has only recently rediscovered her heritage. She is a working actor.
  2. Nic – late-20s, transmale. Raised in the big city, Nic is a smartass with an outgoing personality. He is a touring theatre technician.

Actors should prepare a short monologue, and be ready to cold-read from the script, if requested.

Send resume and headshot to Clearly indicate the role you wish to audition for. Submission deadline: midnight on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Production dates: Fringe Festival, July 5-16, 2017. Further production dates – tbd.

Rehearsal city/venues, dates and times – tbd.

17 Syllables Theatre Company operates on a profit-share basis of the net proceeds.


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