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I also get HowlRound daily in my inbox. Here’s the text from today’s post.

“By Deborah Stein, Suli Holum. The second time I worked with my boxing trainer, I burst out crying. I don’t know what set me off, I know that it was at the end of the session and I was exhausted and overwhelmed. And embarrassed. I thought: this guy is never going to take me seriously. But it opened a conversation about the sport that he loves really passionately and that is when my training for “The Wholehearted” began. He told me that boxers cry in front of their trainers all the time. I went to the Golden Gloves and I saw boxers—real boxers—cry there. And hug their opponents after a particularly brutal bout. And I continued to train, to build up muscle, endurance, and quick reflexes. I had to overcome my aversion—which manifested as a wave of nausea—at throwing a right hook to my trainer’s head. And finally I had to be willing to move towards risk, to lean into fear. To box is to be vulnerable, radically vulnerable—it’s an intimate agreement made between two people to push each other to their very limits. It reminds me of acting, until I get punched and then I remember the difference.

Here’s the link to the whole article:


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